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Why Boycott?

  • The case for an academic boycott of Israel (BDS Movement): click here!
    For decades, Israeli universities have played a key role in planning, implementing and justifying Israel’s occupation and apartheid policies, while maintaining a uniquely close relationship with the Israeli military...
  • The case for a cultural boycott of Israel (BDS Movement): click here!
    Israeli government officials have summed up how Israel instrumentalizes culture to cover up its grave violations of international law. "We are seeing culture as a hasbara [propaganda] tool of the first rank,” one official admitted, “and I do not differentiate between hasbara and culture."...
  • BACBI: Appel pour le boycott académique d'Israël (15 janvier, 2017): cliquez ici!
  • BACBI's Call for the Academic Boycott of Israel (January 15, 2017): click here!
  • BACBI's Oproep voor de academische boycot van Israël (15 januari, 2017): klik hier!

(Calls to) Action:

  • "Justice for Palestine now – end EUROPEAN complicity! A call from organizations throughout Europe" (ECCP, Feb 7, 2017): click here!
  • "Hundreds of Belgian academics and artists urge their government to end participation in joint EU funded project with Israeli National Police" (ECCP, Feb 4, 2017): click here!
  • "Hundreds of Belgian artists and academics urge government to end participation in EU project cooperating with Israeli National Police (BDS Movement, Jan 30, 2017): click here!
  • Appel au Procureur Fédéral, Frédéric Van Leeuw, d' arrêter la participation belge au projet "Law-Train" (janvier 27, 2017): cliquez ici!
  • Oproep aan Minister Koen Geens de Belgische deelname aan "Law-Train" stop te zetten (januari 27, 2017): klik hier!
  • "In support of our colleague Eleonora Roldán Mendívil" (AURDIP, janvier 23, 2017): click here!
    We have heard with dismay of the decision taken by the Otto Suhr Institute for Political Science of the Freie Universität Berlin to suspend the follow-up teaching contract of Eleonora Roldán Mendívil, and to initiate an investigation of alleged antisemitic content in material that she has published.
  • "TAKE ACTION! Urgent call to free Nael Barghouthi, longest-held Palestinian prisoner" (Samidoun, Petition): click here!
    Palestinian prisoner Nael Barghouthi, 59 has been imprisoned for 36 years in Israeli jails, and he is the longest-held Palestinian political prisoner. Today, on the basis of so-called "secret evidence," he is threatened with the re-imposition of life imprisonment with no charges and no legitimate trial.
  • "Sign the Petition! Stop Israeli Military Detention!" (No way to treat a child): click here!>
    Israel has the dubious distinction of being the only country in the world that systematically prosecutes around 700 children in military courts each year. Three out of every four of these children endure some form of physical violence at the hands of Israeli soldiers or officers following arrest.
  • LOPENDE PETITIE: "KU Leuven, stop samenwerking met Israëlische politie!", klik hier!
  • Petitie: "Kritische stemmen moeten we koesteren, niet broodroven!": klik hier!.
    Op 9 januari ontsloeg De Standaard zijn columnist Dyab Abou Jahjah. Hij had het standpunt ingenomen dat de bevrijding van Palestina 'by any means necessary' moet gebeuren.
  • "Justice for Palestine now - end European complicity! A call from organizations throughout Europe" (European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine, ECCP): click here!
  • "LAW-TRAIN" website (+ petition, FR-NL): klik hier!
  • List of Law-Train resources (10 Dec 2016):klik hier!

Current Affairs:

  • "They try to equate Zionism and Judaism”- Interview with lecturer Eleonora Roldán Mendívil (FU Berlin) (Die Freiheitsliebe, 17 Jan, 2017): on this site
    Lecturer Roldán Mendívil has been accused of anti-Semitism for calling Israel a colonialist and apartheid State. For the time being, her next academic assignment is suspended.
  • Pascal DEBRUYNE: "Ontsnappen aan de perpetuum mobile van geweld in Israël en Palestina" (MO*, 16 jan, 2017): click here!
    Dat er grenzen zijn aan geweld is een terechte vaststelling van hoofdredacteur Karel Verhoeven van De Standaard. Dat Dyab Abou JahJah die grens zou hebben overschreden is, politiek én legaal gezien, erg betwijfelbaar. Dat betoogt onderzoeker Pascal Debruyne van de Universiteit Gent in een diepgaande analyse. Want welke grenzen zijn er dan wel aan het geweld en hoe is vrede nog mogelijk in Israël en Palestina?
  • Richard FALK: "2017: A year to recall three bleak Palestinian anniversaries" (Middle East Eye, Dec 27, 2016): click here!.
    Only nonviolent resistance of Palestinians to their prolonged ordeal and transnational civil society activism seem to have any capacity to exert positive change to the status quo.
  • "Resolution 2334 (2016) Adopted by the Security Council at its 7853rd meeting, on 23 December 2016" (UN Security Council, 23 Dec, 2016): click here!
  • Jumana AL TAMIMI: "Boycott move buoyed by UN resolution" (Gulf News Palestine, Dec 26, 2016): click here!
    The international movement to boycott Israel business and sanction those who do business with the state has been given a huge shot in the arm by the passing on Friday night of an unprecedented United Nations Security Council resolution.
  • Amjad IRAQI: "U.S. abstention is a message to Europe: End Israel’s impunity" (+972, 26 Dec, 2016): click here!
    The U.S. essentially admitted that its unyielding defense of Israel in the diplomatic arena was a disastrous strategy. With Obama bowing out, Europe will need to act on this lesson.
  • "Groundbreaking statement by 200 European Legal Scholars Upholds the Right to BDS for Palestinian Rights" (BDS Movement, Dec 8, 2016): click here! *Dutch version: klik hier! * Version française: cliquez ici!
    Palestinians welcome statement as “a major blow to Israel’s repressive legal war” on the BDS movement: Renowned legal scholars and lawyers from 15 European countries consider BDS as “a lawful exercise of freedom of expression”. Palestinian BDS human rights defenders welcome the statement as a “defining moment” in asserting their right to boycott Israel to realize Palestinian rights


  • BACBI-Dossier Nr 2 (EN): "The "LAW-TRAIN" Project: Why A Partnership With The Israeli Police Is Indefensible" (January 29, pdf, 44p.): click here!
  • BACBI-Dossier Nr 2 (FR): "Le projet "LAW-TRAIN": Un partenariat avec la police israélienne est indéfendable" (29 janvier, pdf, 508p.): klik hier!
  • BACBI-Dossier Nr 2 (NL): "Het “LAW-TRAIN” Project: Waarom een partnership met de Israëlische politie onverdedigbaar is" (29 januari, pdf, 47p.): klik hier!
  • BACBI-Dossier Nr 1: "Het Technion: Universiteit en Kolonialisme. Kritisch commmentaar bij wetenschappelijke partnerships met Israël" (Herman De Ley, 15 januari, pdf, 89 p.): klik hier!
  • Katarzyna Lemanska: "Les liens entre la Belgique et l'occupation israélienne" (Étude, avril 2014; mise à jour en août 2014, pdf, 89p.): klik hier!
  • Uri Yacobi Keller: "Academic Boycott of Israel and the Complicity of Israeli Academic Institutions in Occupation of Palestinian Territories" (in: The Economy of the Occupation, A Socioeconomic Bulletin, No 23, October 2009, The Alternative Information Center), pdf, 64pp.: click here!

The Coordinating Committee:

  • Prof. Marie-Christine Closon (UCLouvain), Prof. Patrick Deboosere (VUBrussel), Dr. Pascal Debruyne (UGent), Prof. Lieven De Cauter (KULeuven), Em.Prof. Herman De Ley (UGent), Lieve Franssen (dirigent Brussels Brecht-Eislerkoor), Carl Gydé (director CAMPO), Prof. Perrine Humblet (ULBruxelles), Prof. Marc Jacquemain (ULiège), Raven Ruëll (metteur en scène).



Current Affairs

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